About us

Great products for great people

Our Mission Statement

  • To represent Australia’s timber and timber products industry to government, specifiers, timber traders and the wider community.

  • To build a proud, self-sufficient and expanding industry which delivers timber and timber products using world’s best practice.

  • To create and maintain a positive expanding market for timber and timber products in Australia by undertaking measurable programs to increase the per-capita consumption of timber in Australia.

  • To educate the community about the role forestry and timber plays in the climate change debate and the benefit of forests and timber products.

  • To position the Australian timber industry as a high profile innovative industry along its value chain.

  • To provide a powerful voice on political, technical, market development, industrial and environmental issues.

Expert Advice

The Wood Bank's ethos and philosophy is one driven by Results! We believe strongly, that creating significant Value is of paramount importance, when creating solutions! The approach we take when evaluating client requirements are to

  • Understand Current Processes & Policy

  • Understand Identified Problems

  • Deliver Maximum Function

  • Provide Increased Value & Productivity Gains.

  • Least CAPEX & Increased ROI!

Expect Solutions

Innovative solutions to Key Efficiency & Environmental issues based on advanced Knowledge, Application & Strategic Thinking!

The Wood Bank is served by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people available. It has an Entrepreneurial nature at its core, which is responsible for its solution based drive for excellence. A nimbleness for adaptation & change allows for highly evolved solutions for clients seeking the next generation competitive edge!

Expect Support

Clients realize fairly quickly that The Wood Bank is very straight to the point as it values the Time=Money equation!

We under promise and over deliver!

The Wood Bank is here to serve its clients with the highest standards. We thrive on creating client value, solving big problems and adding benefit beyond client expectation.