The Wood Bank

Helping Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The Wholesale Destruction of Valuable Timber Resources will become just as horrific as Burning! These energy intensive & wasteful practices threaten further global warming. Ironically, a proven alternative solution can reverse some of the damage already done.

Resource Opportunities

Working with what is already there!  

Second Generation Regrowth is most often a higher quality timber resource than what loggers and timber mills are now allowed to harvest from Queensland State Forests! This represents a great opportunity to capitalise on and work with a phenomenal natural resource!
On average, suitably wooded sites have achieved significant quantities and quality of timbers for reuse and reintroduction into project sites. Log volumes of up to 25 tonnes per acre have been achieved and successfully value added. This intervention has many benefits, however in this particular context, it delivers reduced Land Clearing processing costs. Time savings are also possible through reduced processing, as the main effort goes into destroying the big timbers!

Recovery Logistics

The Wood Bank seamlessly transitions from professional advice & planning, to fully managed logistical & processing capability. We have an extensive knowledge of the processes, steps and pitfalls required to transform recovered log materials into beautifully finished Openspace Timber Elements. After years of experience and working with the best trades and craftsmen available in their fields, The Wood Bank handles your project efficiently and to the highest standard available.

The Wood Bank successfully coordinates and integrates a range of functions and processes across the following areas;

•    Timber/Log Harvesting Contractors
•    Land-clearing Contractors
•    Transportation & Logistics
•    Saw Milling & Processing Functions
•    Timber Elements Manufacturer
•    Quality Control & Scheduling
•    Storage & Site Re Introduction Coordination
•    Construction/ Installation & Supervision
•    Ongoing Maintenance & Monitoring

The Wood Bank's reputation and performance across these areas of expertise are second to none!

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Odoo • Image and Text

Green Revolution

The green revolution goes beyond financing research & development!
It has also helped create a new & robust bio-waste conversion industry for new environmental business outcomes!